Friday, May 6, 2011

Nu-Works Final Project: Personal Aesthetics

For my personal artistic aesthetics, I will include many short clips of some of my favorite artists/songs. The video will be intermixed with personal quotes about my personal opinions on art generically. I will include example's of art pieces or film clips that inspire me. I will also explain how art has to be experienced not described with descriptions of an art piece followed by the actual piece to highlight this difference. The primary intention of my aesthetics will be to provide a viewer with a clear understanding about what inspires me as an artists and moves me as a human being with an appreciation of beauty or witty nature.

Monday, March 28, 2011

My Nu-Works 6 Weeks Project: Texture, line, color

Nu-Works Texture, Line Color Project:
  • Based around different colors of sand falling down in patterns over a sticky surface
  • As the different colors of sand fall corresponding notes are played, matching up with the colors of sand
  • The sand overlays over a dancer (Maybe)
  • A fan is turned on, blowing away all of the sand except for the sand on the surface revealing a word dealing with the
    color, texture, etc. (TBD)
  • The blowing sand falls to the ground in different places and using stop motion, mixes together and without the knowledge of the viewer switches to another sticky shape blowing off on film, forming the word ART

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Year, New Start, New Works

The new year has started; 2010 is behind us and 2011 is ahead of us:

For me 2010 was an important year in my life; however a lot of bad things happened.  With the new year I am ready to put them all behind me in preperation for a great 2011. I am entering this year pure as a crane, as flowing as water, and with a mind as vast and open as space. I am looking forward to all of the new things we will be covering this year. In new works as well as in other classes.

Monday, December 6, 2010

1000 Paper Cranes

Private, concealed, trust
pure, strong, innocent, beautiful
cranes guard my secrets

For out third 6-weeks in nu-works we did a unit on paper cranes and the myth that if you fold 1000 of them a wish will come true........
.....this unit started with each of the classes in the commons and Mr. Richards starting a dance every one had to catch onto, for if they didn't commit, they would be sent out. After this, the well-known fable about the cranes was discussed, and we were told we would each fold 10 cranes to make a total of 1000. In each of our cranes we wrote a personal wish and in our journal we wrote a global wish and haiku-


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Circles Around Us - c3

Since the beginning of time, circles and curved lines have made up the universe.  A circle represents wholeness and continuation without end or a cycle.

I belive that each individual organism on earth is made up of its own unique circles.  A day's routine is a repeating circle whether it be the path the individual takes in a day or the feeling he or she cycles through.

A circle is repitition without end, always coming back to the beginning.  Throughout history, the world has gone through change, and through time, the change cycles back to its original position.

Circles play an vital role in the universe's existance and without the cycles it makes up, all the bad change in the world would not cycle back to equilibrium.